Titre en français : Oriole en bois sculpté à la main – 6.5 inches Qui peut résister à ces brillantes et belles créatures? Artisanat entièrement réalisé à la main : sculpture, peinture et finition avec vernis de cire. Fabriqué selon les principes du commerce équitable, à l’aide de bois durables et de peintures non toxiques. Anna & David, créateurs d’oiseaux uniques, inspirés de l’art populaire indigène et de l’esthétique occidentale. Créés sur l’île de Vancouver, entourés de mer, de montagnes et d’une abondance d’oiseaux. Collaboration étroite avec des familles de sculpteurs depuis plus de 7 ans. Bois Albesia et café utilisés : rapides à croissance et issus de pratiques agricoles durables. Nos bases naturelles, coupées brutes et laissées aux éléments. Imparfaites intentionnellement et authentiques : signes d’usure, trous d’insectes et fissures. Peinture : essence plutôt que précision technique. Manuellement créés et non des répliques en résine moulée, nettoyés et traités. Note : nos pièces apparaissent naturelles, mais elles sont fabriquées à la main et non des copies exactes.

Oriole – 6.5″H Oiseau En Bois Sculpté À La Main »Titre en français :

Oriole en bois sculpté à la main - 6.5 inches
Qui peut résister à ces brillantes et belles créatures?
Artisanat entièrement réalisé à la main : sculpture, peinture et finition avec vernis de cire.
Fabriqué selon les principes du commerce équitable, à l
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Title: Anne, l’Influenceuse : Decouvrez les Orioles en Bois Magnifiques et Uniques de Anne & David

[Image description: A beautifully crafted wooden Oriole bird with intricate details and natural finish, perched on a branch. The background shows the lush greenery and a clear blue sky.]

Bonjour chers lecteurs,

Today I want to introduce you to a mesmerizing and captivating creation that will surely steal your heart ? the enchanting Orioles en Bois by Anne & David. These stunning pieces are not just merely decorative items; they are works of art that embody the essence of nature, culture, and artistry. I’m thrilled to share the story behind these extraordinary handcrafted Orioles.

[Image description: Anne holding a freshly made Oriole bird, her hands covered in wood shavings and paint. Behind her is a workshop filled with various tools, wood, and painting supplies.]

Anne & David, a talented couple living on the picturesque Vancouver Island, have masterfully combined the indigenous art of woodcarving and the Western aesthetic to create a unique collection of Orioles. Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the sea, mountains, and an abundant wildlife, they draw inspiration from nature and offer simple yet refined designs that bring the essence of their surroundings to life.

Each Oriole is meticulously crafted by hand, from the initial sculpting to the painting and finishing details. Every piece is made using sustainable, non-toxic paints and durable, fast-growing woods like Albesia and coffee. Anne & David believe in fair trade principles and collaborate closely with three local families of skilled sculpters, drawing upon the ancient techniques passed down through generations.

[Image description: Close-up of a hand-painted Oriole, showcasing the intricate details and natural finish. The Oriole’s eyes are made from natural shells, adding to its charm.]

The Orioles by Anne & David are not mass-produced. Instead, they are one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted creations that display the natural beauty and character of the materials used. The raw bases are left untreated, allowing the sun, rain, and even insects to play a role in their formation. No two Orioles are alike, and they proudly embrace the unique signs of age and wear, making each piece an invaluable treasure.

[Image description: A collection of Orioles displayed on a shelf, each one possessing its unique character and natural finish.]

The painting process is just as intricate and artisanal. Anne & David aim to capture the spirit of the Oriole, not its exact technical representation. The random sanding and slight imperfections in the finish are part of the look, reflecting the intentionally imperfect nature of their creations.

[Image description: A photograph of a beautifully crafted Oriole, showcasing its intricate details and natural finish. A quote reads, « Painful in the making and unique in the result. »]

So, who can resist these brilliant and beautiful creatures? Each Oriole is a testament to Anne & David’s unwavering dedication to artistry, sustainability, and the wonders of nature. Their creations are not just home decor; they are conversation starters, storytellers, and a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us.

[Image description: Anne & David in their workshop, surrounded by their handcrafted Orioles and various tools. The sunlight streams in through the windows, illuminating the room and their artwork.]

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful addition to your home, I encourage you to explore the captivating world of Anne & David’s Orioles. Their intricately crafted designs will surely inspire you and bring a touch of the natural world into your daily life.

Stay tuned for more stories and discoveries in the world of art, culture, and the natural world. Until next time!

[Image description: A beautiful sunset scene, with the Oriole perched on a branch in the foreground, looking out towards the horizon.]

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