« Plaque de carreaux turques traditionnelles : Découvrez le charme du carrelage ottoman numérique n°10 » (Traditional Turkish Tiles: Discover the charm of Ottoman-style digital tile number 10) or « Carrelages turcs anciens : Plaque numéro 10, l’élue des traditions ottomanes » (Traditional Turkish Tiles: Plate number 10, the Ottoman traditions’ favorite) could be possible alternatives for a short and catchy French title for a blog post about traditional Turkish tiles.

Plaque De Carreaux Turcs Traditionnels 10"Plaque de carreaux turques traditionnelles : Découvrez le charme du carrelage ottoman numérique n°10" (Traditional Turkish Tiles: Discover the charm of Ottoman-style digital tile number 10) or "Carrelages turcs anciens : Plaque numéro 10, l
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Title: Anne’s Blog: Unique Turkish Ceramic Plates, Un travail de main d’?uvre et d’art

Hello dear readers,

Today, I want to share with you a unique and special discovery I made recently. I had the pleasure of visiting a local artisan atelier where I was introduced to their exquisite collection of Turkish ceramic plates. As an influencer, I am always on the lookout for authentic and original pieces to share with my followers, and I believe I have found a true gem.

The plates were fabricated in their very own workshop, and the designs are exclusive to the atelier. Each plate is a special creation, and you will not find another identical one. When you purchase one of these plates, it comes with a wooden plate stand, a hanging cord, and a special request for any message you may want engraved on the back.

The intricate designs on these plates are all hand-painted. Since the motifs are improvised by their master artist, each plate is a one-of-a-kind piece. You can see the same plate as in the photo being sent to you. These plates are the result of a long and dedicated process, and I encourage you not to compare them to mass-produced items with printed or stuck-on designs.

For group purchases or specific placement areas, the artisans create custom concepts. The dimensions of the plates range from 16 » to 36 », and they are more than happy to accommodate special requests.

In terms of specifications, these plates measure 1.5 » (4 cm) in height and 10 » (25 cm) in width. They can be used for serving food and are safe for food use due to their lead-free glaze and firing at 1040 degrees Celsius in the kiln. This colorful ceramic plate is a perfect decorative accent for any nook, table, or mantelpiece in your home. You can even hang it as a wall art piece.

The plate’s intricate designs are hand-painted with special paints, and each motif can be felt when touched. A unique technique called relief painting was used during the painting process, adding an additional textural dimension to the plate.

Please remember that these plates are works of art and should be hand-washed to preserve their textured surface and unique beauty. They are not suitable for use in the microwave, as the heat would ruin the texturing on the plate.

I hope you will be as delighted as I am with this unique, handcrafted Turkish ceramic plate, and that it brings a touch of art and individuality to your home. If you’re interested in purchasing one or learning more about their other offerings, please visit their shop page.

Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries and updates. Until next time, dear readers!

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