« Lombaire : Oreiller Gris Texturé 12×36 avec Décor Greythrow Toutes Tailles » Explication : « Lombaire » est la marque ou le nom du fabricant ou du vendeur. « Oreiller Gris Texturé » décrit la couleur et le type de texture de l’oreiller. « 12×36 » indique les dimensions de l’oreiller. « avec Décor Greythrow » signale qu’il y a un décor supplémentaire sur l’oreiller. « Toutes Tailles » signifie que l’oreiller est disponible en différentes tailles.

Gris Texturé 12×36 Housse D’oreiller Lombaire Greythrow Oreiller Gris Sham Décoratif Lombaire Toutes Tailles Gris"Lombaire : Oreiller Gris Texturé 12x36 avec Décor Greythrow Toutes Tailles"

Explication :

"Lombaire" est la marque ou le nom du fabricant ou du vendeur.

"Oreiller Gris Texturé" décrit la couleur et le type de texture de l
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Title: Anne’s Blog: Un Cushion Cover Ajoute Un Toucher Bohème à Votre Décoration Intérieure with Anne’s Turkish Cotton Reversible Pillow Cover

Hello chers lecteurs,

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a beautiful addition to your home décor: a soft, reversible, and decorative Turkish cotton pillow cover. This lovely cushion cover is not only visually appealing but also comfortable and functional.

This pillow cover is a must-have for those seeking to add a bohemian touch to their interior design. Its soft bouclé texture, made from medium-weight cotton, offers a subtle yet noticeable difference. The cover is reversible, meaning you can use it from both sides, providing you with two unique designs for the price of one.

The tasseled edges add an extra touch of elegance, while the hidden zipper closure ensures a clean and sophisticated finish. Each pillow cover is professionally sewn to ensure long-lasting durability and is made from high-quality cotton, ensuring the zipper does not irritate or snag the fabric.

The dimensions of the standard size in the photo are as follows: the throw pillow measures 12 inches by 24 inches (30 cm x 60 cm), and the largest lumbar pillow measures 12 inches by 36 inches (30 cm x 91.5 cm). We also offer custom-sized pillow covers, so please inquire for more information.

Additionally, this pillow cover is machine washable on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees, and it can be ironed on the reverse side for an added touch of perfection. Each cushion cover is properly cleaned, pressed, and ready to be used in your home.

Your new Turkish cotton pillow cover will be shipped within one to two business days with Fedex Express, providing you with a tracking number for peace of mind. Delivery typically takes around four days, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your new home accessory.

If you are looking to add a touch of warmth, comfort, and style to your home décor, look no further than our Turkish cotton reversible pillow covers. These versatile and eye-catching additions are sure to become a favorite in any room of your house.

Stay tuned for more lovely home décor finds and tips here on Anne’s Blog. Until next time, please take care and happy decorating!

– The throw pillow in the image measures 12 » x 24 » inches (30 cm x 60 cm) and the longest lumbar pillow measures 12 » x 36 » inches (30 cm x 91.5 cm)
– The square throw pillow measures 18 » x 18 » inches (45.5 cm x 45.5 cm).

We offer custom-sized pillow covers, so please ask for more information.

Care Instructions:
– Machine washable on gentle cycle at 30 degrees
– Can be ironed on reverse side
– All pillow covers are clean, pressed, and ready to use in your home.

Shipping Information:
– Shipped within 1 to 2 business days with Fedex Express
– Delivery takes approximately 4 days.

Merci! (Thank you!)

Mots-clés: Texture Grise, Tissu bouclé, Doux, Réversible, Tissu de coton, Tissu moyen poids, Linge de lit, Coussin décorative, Boucle douce, Fermeture cachée, Savoir-faire, Personnalisées, Taille 12x12cm, 12x24cm, 12x36cm, 18×18 inches, Lavable machine délicat 30°, Repassable, Propre, Expédition 1-2 jours Fedex Express, Livraison environ 4 jours.