« Décoration Murale: Plaque Céramique Turque Colorée de 10 inches pour Suspension » or « Plateau Céramique Turc Décoré: Une Jolie Plaque de 10 pouces pour la Suspension Murale »

Plaque Décorative De 10 « ‘ Pour La Suspension, Plaque En Céramique Turque, Colorée, Décoration Murale, Murale Poterie Faite À Main"Décoration Murale: Plaque Céramique Turque Colorée de 10 inches pour Suspension"


"Plateau Céramique Turc Décoré: Une Jolie Plaque de 10 pouces pour la Suspension Murale"
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Title: Anne’s Blog: Unique Turkish Ceramic Plates, Creations Entirement à la Main

Hello dear readers,

I’m Anne, your influencer, and I’m excited to share with you the latest addition to my home decor collection: a beautiful Turkish ceramic plate, handcrafted in our own workshop. This unique piece, with its distinctive design, is a testament to the craftsmanship and passion that goes into every creation.

Our ceramic plate is not just another mass-produced item; it’s a work of art, made with love and care. The design is ours, original and exclusive, and each plate bears the unique touch of our master craftsman’s brush. When you order, the exact plate you see in the photo will be shipped to you.

With your purchase, you’ll receive not only the special plate but also a wooden support and a suspended cord. If you have a specific message or inscription you’d like on the back, we’d be happy to accommodate that for you.

The intricate designs and paintings on our plates are all done by hand. Each plate is a one-of-a-kind piece, making it a true treasure. The motifs on our plates are improvised, giving each piece its unique character.

For group purchases or specific placements, we offer custom concepts. Working together, we can create a stunning arrangement that suits your intended space perfectly.

– Height: 1.5 » (4 cm)
– Diameter: 10 » (25 cm)

Our plate is perfect for use in table settings or as an eye-catching accent piece. It is lead-free glazed and fired at 1040 degrees Celsius, ensuring the safety and durability of your new addition.

The hand-painted design on our plate is a feast for the eyes. Vivid colors have been used to add depth and character to the piece. A special technique, known as relief painting, has been employed during the painting process, giving the motifs a tactile feel. When you touch the plate, you can feel the motifs beneath your fingers.

Our Turkish ceramic plate is dishwasher safe, but please avoid placing it in the microwave. The microwave can damage the texture on the plate, ruining its unique quality.

We take great pride in our handcrafted creations and hope you’ll be just as satisfied with your unique, handmade plate as we are in creating it for you. Be sure to visit our shop for more stunning, one-of-a-kind items.

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiration from Anne’s Blog!

Mots-clés: ? Plaque décorative, 10 » x 1.5 » (25 cm x 4 cm)

? Plaque céramique turque, fabrication artisanale

? Design original, propriété exclusive

? Inclus : bois, support de plaque, corde suspendue

? Personnalisation possible à la demande

? Painting and décor done à la main

? Unique piece par production

? Long-process handmade product

? Hautes températures de cuisson (1040°C)

? Glazing without lead (food safe)

? Colored ceramic plate, décorative accent

? Tactile relief technique used

? Dishwasher safe

? Art piece, do not use in microwave

? Satisfaction guaranteed, remember us with each use

? Also check our shop for other items.