« Décoration d’arbre de Noël avec six poèmes victorians : idées inspirées » (Decorating a Christmas tree with six Victorian poems: Inspired ideas) or « Un arbre de Noël magnifique grâce à six poèmes victorians » (A magnificent Christmas tree thanks to six Victorian poems) could be alternative titles for the blog post.

Décorations D’arbre De Noël Avec Un Ensemble Six Poèmes Victoriens"Décoration d
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Title: Six Vintage Poem Miniatures : Révivez l’Excitement of Bedtime Stories with this Charming Set of Christmas Tree Decorations

Hello, bonjour, I’m Anne, your favorite French influencer, and today I want to share with you a unique and enchanting decoration set for your Christmas tree: a collection of six vintage poem miniatures, each with the original text and beautiful images recreated as tiny books in paper.

Bring back the magic of bedtime stories with this one-of-a-kind and captivating Christmas tree decoration set that includes the complete original text and delightful illustrations of six classic vintage poems. These poems transport us to the Victorian era and its unique way of celebrating the holidays. From the adventures of a traditional Victorian family to the tale of a humble Robin and the grand figure himself – Santa Claus, these stories are timeless and will surely capture the hearts of young and old alike.

The vintage book covers adorn each matchbox decoration. Each decoration comes with a red velvet ribbon circle to hang on the tree. This beautiful set not only makes for stunning tree decorations but is also perfect for holiday gifts, secret Santa, or table centerpieces.

Size: 55 mm x 36 mm x 17 mm

Note: This « matchbox » set is designed for children. The picket fence image is just a design and no actual matchsticks or strikes are included in the decoration. These decorations are the size of a standard matchbox and can fit inside a standard mailbox when fully packaged.

To buy a gift bag and label, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to your favorite online or local gift shop.
2. Ask for a gift bag and label that fits a matchbox or small decoration.
3. Provide the decoration as a gift to your loved ones.

Now, let me introduce you to the six enchanting vintage poems:

1. « Christmas ABC »: This delightful alphabet poem takes you on a magical journey through the land of Christmas, exploring each letter of the alphabet and the wonders that come with it.

2. « Christmas Morning »: Wake up to the wonders of Christmas morning with this charming poem that describes the excitement and joy of opening presents and celebrating the holiday with loved ones.

3. « Christmas in Animal Land »: Join the animals as they prepare for Christmas in this whimsical poem that brings the holiday spirit to life in a world filled with animals.

4. « Around the World with Santa Claus »: Travel the globe with Santa Claus as he delivers presents to children around the world in this captivating poem that explores the magic of Christmas around the world.

5. « Robin’s Christmas Eve »: Follow the story of a robin who stays awake on Christmas Eve to keep the Christmas spirit alive in this heartwarming poem about the magic of the holiday season.

6. « C’était la nuit avant Noël »: This classic French poem, translated as « It Was the Night Before Christmas, » tells the story of Santa Claus and his journey to bring joy to children on Christmas Eve.

These vintage poems offer a captivating look into the way Christmas was celebrated during the Victorian era and are sure to bring joy and wonder to your holiday season. Order your set today and bring the enchantment of bedtime stories to your Christmas tree!

Mots-clés: Décorations Noël Arbre Six Poèmes Victoriens, Boîte Allumettes :

* Poèmes Vintage
* Décorations Arbre Noël
* Style Boîte Allumettes
* Texte Original Complet
* Images Poèmes Vintage
* Longs Poèmes
* Christmas ABC
* Christmas Morning
* Christmas in Animal Land
* Around the World with Santa Claus
* Robin’s Christmas Eve
* C’était la nuit avant Noël
* Histoires Charmantes
* Fêtes Fin d’Année Victoriennes
* Famille Victorienne
* Robin
* Père Noël
* Illustrations Vintage
* Ruban Rouge Cercle
* Jolies Décorations Arbre Noël
* Idéal Cadeaux Noël
* Père Noël Secret
* Cadeaux Table Noël
* Dimensions : 55 mm x 36 mm x 17 mm
* Boîte Allumettes Enfants
* Grève Image Pas Incluse.